Heat Is Bad For Your PC

Heat is the eternal enemy of computers and the number one reason your desktop, tower or laptop may be overheating is that the airflow designed to cool your PC has been disrupted or even blocked by dust and particles like hair (human & pet), skin cells, bugs and pollen that get sucked into your expensive PC by their fans. Many PC’s these days have more than one fan and towers can have as many as 5. All PC manufacturers recommend regular cleaning. You will find it in your products user’s manual. But who reads manuals these days, right?

A laptop is not meant to be placed on your lap.

The fan, meant to suck in cool air is located on the underside of your laptop. Don’t take my word for it though, go ahead and look. In fact HP calls their laptop models “Notebooks”, why? Because now days there is so much technology packed into you’re your laptop that they are not designed to be operated on your lap. Placing it on your lap blocks the fan from doing its job of keeping your laptop cool. The same can be said if you place it on your bed, couch or carpeting.

House burns down; laptop left on cardboard to recharge overheats, catches fire

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