Paper Is Like a Sponge

Surprisingly, one little known fact is that the paper you use in your printer absorbs moisture, just like a sponge. This is especially true during the summer months when humidity levels are high. The properties of the material used to make it have a strong attraction for water. This can greatly effect print quality that most people blame on the printer itself. If you have a laser printer and the paper has too much moisture content, you will see “smoke” coming out of the top of the printer. It’s not really smoke, it’s steam! As it moves through the printer, a “fuser” literally irons the toner to the paper. During this process the moisture heats and leaves it in the form of steam.

See my YouTube channel for a real life (and frustrated user) example of this phenomenon. If you have an ink printer, you might experience paper curl or the text “bleed” on the document. This doesn’t bode well for pictures either.

Here are some other tips for storing your printer paper. Choose a space that stays cool and dry. Heat and humidity can cause it to curl. This leads to ongoing and frustrating printer jams. Printer paper needs to be flat so it can be fed into your printer properly and avoiding jams. Some good storage space include a cabinet or an indoor storage closet.