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PC Maintenance

From your furnace and oven to your BBQ grill, they all need regular cleaning which is part of what we call PC Maintenance. Cleaning is the single most important thing you can do to keep them running trouble free for many years. The same is true for your desktop and laptop computer. Personal computers are designed to use a fan to push or pull air through your computer in order to keep them cool.  Unfortunately the air contains things like dust, hair (human & pet), skin cells, bugs and pollen that accumulate over time inside your computer and your keyboard. The number one enemy of personal computers is heat. When dust and debris accumulate inside them, the flow of air is dramatically decreased and the components inside will begin to overheat. If you allow this to happen, it will greatly reduce the efficiency and lifespan of your computer.

PC Maintenance

R&A Technologies offers onsite or offsite PC Maintenance, cleaning, either on a per event basis or regular PC maintenance schedule. Depending on the location of your PC, we can recommend how often your PC should be cleaned and email you a reminder when cleaning is due. You should clean your PC at least once a year. R&A cleans our PC’s every six months. R&A Technologies on-site & off-site PC maintenance service coverage to the Crystal Lake and surrounding areas.

Business Computers

If you’re a business owner and have multiple computers for your employees, it’s imperative to perform regular PC maintenance on them. Most commercial office cleaning services won’t clean computers and printers while cleaning an office. In fact, most commercial cleaners won’t even dust a desk that a computer or printer is sitting on or near. Why? Simply because they don’t want to accept the liability should anything happen to the computer or printer.

Here are 5 facts that as a business owner you should be concerned about and why:

1)   Enhance the professional image you’ve worked so hard for.

If your office or storefront looks dirty, your customers my think twice about the kind of product or services they’ll receive from you.

2)   Reduce sick time taken by your staff.

Sick days are estimated to cost the U.S. economy $84 billion each year. According to a joint well-being index study by Gallup-Healthways, some professions miss substantially more time each month due to sickness than others. It is a known fact that germs and bacteria can collect on office equipment and even get passed to other employees. Keeping your computers and printers clean can help in reducing sick days taken by your employee.

3) Increase productivity of grateful employees.

People like to feel proud of what they do. If your staff feels good about their environment, it shows. They’re happier people. Did you ever offer someone a window office? Most people jump at the chance for a window. What about a clean, professional environment? If your location is dirty, just how well will your staff treat the rest of your office and how proud will they be of it? If you offer them a clean, pristine environment when your people are dealing with business contacts and sales contacts they feel good about your business.

4) Increase longevity of your equipment.

“New” equipment gets treated better by your staff. For your used equipment, regular cleaning will extend the life of your computer. Although each dust speck may not amount to much, but when it’s left to accumulate, it can wreak havoc on your system. Keeping your CPU, fans, monitor, keyboard and mouse dust-free can go a long way in extending the life of your computer. All told, dust can cause the most damage to your computer. Keeping the fan vents free of dust is particularly critical. If the dust builds up, the computer will overheat and could even crash your hard drive.

5) Environmental Concerns.

It is no longer acceptable to simply dispose of your dirty equipment in the landfills of your city.

There is a cost to disposing of electronic equipment in an electronic recycling depot, since the equipment must be taken to an authorized disposal center. The longer your computers and printers last, the less environmental footprint you’ll leave behind.


The bottom line: Getting greater ROI on your business computer assets.

Consumer Printers

Ink printers: There are two common problems related to ink printers that don’t necessarily mean that your printer is defective and will save you having to fork out more money and buy another printer.

  • Streaky or faint characters and photos.
  • Cartridge not recognized.

If your printer is exhibiting either of these print quality problems, give R&A Technologies a call. We might be able to bring your printer back to life and save you some money.

Laser printers: Because laser printers use electricity to attract the toner powder to paper, after time dust, pollen and other airborne particles build up inside your printer. When this happens the toner does not completely adhere to the paper, floats around until it lands in all the crevices inside the printer. This can cause poor print quality issues as well as paper jams. If you use “re-charged” toner cartridges to save money, print quality and jamming issues could start in a matter of weeks. Eventually costing you more money in the long run.

The only way to clean toner from your printer is to use a specially designed vacuum cleaner with special woven filters that trap virtually all particles. A Surgical mask and gloves are also needed to prevent breathing in or getting toner on your hands and body. R&A Technologies has the proper tools and training to get your laser printer printing your finest quality document.


Business Printers

R&A Technologies can maintain all your dot matrix (form and ticket), ink and laser printers to keep them running at their fullest potential. And depending on the location of your printer(s), we can recommend how often your printer should be cleaned and schedule a convenient time for you when cleaning is due. So your business can stay productive and keep making money.

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