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Computer Repair Services in Crystal Lake with R&A Technologies. Technology, whether at home or your office, should be helping you achieve more, not holding you back. So whether you need your technology to do more, make your personal or business life easier, or needs to be updated so you can have the latest and greatest, R&A Technologies is here to help. With an owner of over 30+ years in the Computer industry, our company goes the extra mile to get your technology where you need it go for today and tomorrow.

R&A Technologies offers guaranteed computer repair services in Crystal Lake for desktop, Laptop hardware including monitors, motherboards,hard disks and power supplies etc.


Computer Repair Services Crystal Lake

Whether you have a Desktop, Laptop or a Tablet, R&A Technologies offers three types of service. Onsite, drop-off and pick-up service (you drop it off, then pick it up when it’s fixed) or choose our pick-up and return service (we pick it up and return it to you when it’s fixed) for an additional fee of only $19.99 (within 10 miles). Labor for the latter two options are at a reduced rate.

Depending on the amount of work that will be required, repairs can be completed within an hour in most circumstances. Our computer repair services is also available after business hours (6pm-9pm) at a higher hourly rate. R&A Technologies Computer Repair services policy is fair, transparent & guarantee to give you peace of mind with our all computer repair services in Crystal Lake. Please call for details.

Computer Repair Services

Computer Tune up

A “PC tune-up” refers to optimizing your computer hardware and software to make it run quicker and more efficient. Will it run like brand new, like many promise? Probably not because of programs that have been installed since you took it out of the box and use on a daily basis, like word processing programs, photo editors and especially games. But you will see a noticeable improvement in performance when you get it back from us.

We use (“industry standard” or “cutting edge”?) software to analyze all aspects of your computer.  Then we’ll optimize your PC by improving functionality of your hardware, removing or disabling unnecessary programs and files to improve start-up speed and overall performance so that your computer runs as efficiently and fast as possible.

Data Recovery

If your PC breaks down or crashes, the hard drive that stores all your important data may not have been the cause. There are many possible reasons why your PC won’t boot up or beeps when you turn it on. If your hard drive is still functional, R&A Technologies will make every attempt to recover your data. R&A Technologies can perform hard drive data recovery from any make, model, size, brand or operating system. We have experience with all types of data loss. If your PC is no longer working or your hard drive is clicking and grinding, let the experts at R&A recover your data. If for some reason we are unable to, there’s no charge.

Operating System Restore, Reinstallation and Upgrades

The operating system (OS) is the framework of your computer, it connects the components so they can all work happily together. If your computer is acting strange or displaying errors when performing tasks and a tune up doesn’t resolve those issues, it may only need its operating system restored or reinstalled. A restore will not delete any programs or files you have stored on the computer. A reinstallation erases everything and returns your computer to the way it was when you first purchased it. R&A Technologies can analyze you OS and recommend which option is best for you.

If you don’t feel comfortable upgrading your PC to a newer OS, R&A Technologies will be happy to do it for you. Do you have an older PC running Windows XP or Vista and would like a few more years out of it? R&A can analyze your PC hardware and let you know if it’s possible. Some minor hardware upgrades maybe needed and a legitimate version of Windows 7 installation media is required.

Backup Solutions for Windows or Mac

Having a reliable backup of all you important data, like documents and photo’s is essential in the event your PC’s hard drive breaks down. To anyone else, you may not think it’s a big deal. But if it happens to your PC, it can be catastrophic. All your important documents, like email, tax returns, pictures of your kids and grandchildren are all gone and can never be retrieved (unless you pay $1,000’s of dollars to a Data Forensics Company to retrieve them).

Installing a backup solution can be inexpensive as under $100 and may help you sleep better at night knowing your memories will still be there years from now. R&A Technologies can recommend several options suited for your needs, install and configure in as little as one hour.

Internet and Computer Networking Services

If you need a simple secure network for your home or small business to share printers and Internet access, R&A Technologies can help. Today’s small business and residential networking products are made so that some people can plug one in and get a simple wireless (Wi-Fi) network up and running. Along with the ease of installation comes a large gap in information security, particularly with wireless networking products. For the average home user this does not pose a problem, but if you run a small business out of your house or have a storefront, you want to make sure no one can access your data or use your shared Internet service without your knowledge or consent.

R&A Technologies will come in and give a free consultation, then provide you with a fully documented solution. Then we’ll schedule a convenient time to come in, install and configure it to get the most reliable and secure internet connections tailored for your needs.

Remote Support

Some studies indicate that 3 out of 5 computer problems (excluding hardware) can be resolved using remote support. And having to call a relative or friend to help you over phone is time consuming and practically impossible because they can’t see what you’re seeing on your computer. If you have internet access and email, R&A Technologies can connect your computer remotely and solve many problems without the need of someone coming to your house or having to drive through rain and sleet to take your computer to a technician. We’ll email you a link to download and install a small and safe software tool that only takes a few minutes. In most cases, once we’re connected to your PC, you can walk away and go about with what you need to get done.

Don’t know how to do something and you’re afraid or embarrassed to ask a relative or friend? R&A Technologies has the expertise and patience to carefully listen and explain in simple terms how to accomplish what you want to do. We have expertise in nearly all email programs, Microsoft Office, Adobe and social media to name a few.

Printer Support

In today’s world, most printer manufactures design and build low end printers at the lowest cost possible. Low cost also means minimal (if any) repair strategy. Most low end printers are inexpensive and repairs (if available) could easily exceed the cost of a new printer. So it’s a “throw away, buy another” philosophy. If you have a more expensive, high end “All-in-One” inkjet or laser printer, chances are that it can be repaired saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.


Commercial Printer Support & Computer Repair Services

R&A Technologies has unparalleled experience from dot matrix to the high end enterprise multi function printers. From Ink to laser, black & white or color technology we have the skills and expertise diagnose and resolve most printer problem quickly.

CCTV and Security Systems

Paying a national security firm to install and pay a monthly subscription fee can add up over time. In fact, they can only react if an alarm is activated. But what if you notice things missing from your yard or car, even suspect you have a peeping tom. R&A Technologies can install an indoor or outdoor, wired or wireless CCTV system that is located in your residence. This allows you to personally view live or review your cameras recorded video footage that is stored on your security system. We can even upgrade the storage size allowing you to store and retrieve video footage for up to 2 to 4 weeks, 24 hours a day. We also install intrusion security systems.

A security project involves a number of stages including consultation, system design, product installation and knowledge of the system. We’ll do all the work and provide you with training so you’re comfortable with operating your system. We can setup your smartphone device so you can check in on your property remotely anytime, anywhere in the world. Price varies by number of cameras their locations.

Home Entertainment Systems

Get the most out of your newly purchased home entertainment system. R&A Technologies can professionally set up your new video and audio equipment, including a DVD or Blu-ray player, video game console, receiver and placement of speakers on a shelf or supplied stands all in the same room.
Our services include:
• Basic Install/configure new or existing audio/video components to existing system in same room
• Basic 2, 5 or 7 speaker setup on provided manufacturer stand(s) or shelf (no in wall/in ceiling installation)
• New or add to existing system including DVD, Blu-Ray Player, DVR, video game consoles, receivers, etc.
• Orientation and demonstration of the equipment’s operation
• Additional speaker wire and materials not included
Call for consultation and pricing.

If you would like additional information about computer repair services, please call 847-951-7379 or contact us.

*Plus trip charge if applicable.

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